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A Letter from the Superintendent:

Our Mission in the Sioux Falls School District is "to educate and prepare each student to succeed in a changing world."

As educators, we believe one of the essential skills for each student is the ability to plan for his/her success.

For the students of the Sioux Falls School District, this website is designed to help you develop your learning plan. Our goal is to assist you in the selection of courses that best meet your career goals for high school and beyond. We hope you take every opportunity to choose courses that fit your career plan and provide the greatest opportunity for your success. With guidance from parents/guardians and school counselors, we encourage you to review your learning plan each year and to seek the approval of your parents/guardians for necessary changes in your plan.

Graduation requirements are included in this website. Please read them carefully and ask your counselor if you have questions.

A few points to remember as you begin the exciting task of selecting your courses:
  • Select classes to match your interest and provide for your success.
  • Review and understand the high school graduation requirements for your graduating class.
  • Work with school counselors, teachers, parents, and administration to create a learning plan that is best for you.

For the parents and guardians, we expect that each student reach his or her fullest potential. We appreciate your partnership in encouraging your student to make the most of his/her high school experience. Our goal is for each student to take advantage of every high school opportunity. We thank you for your support in making this happen.

I encourage you to make careful use of the website, plan wisely, and enjoy your high school years. Our administrators, teachers, counselors, and entire high school staff are here to support your success

Dr. Brian Maher

Mission Statements for Each High School


Washington High School

To develop life-long learners to succeed in a changing world.

Lincoln High School

To educate and prepare each student to succeed in a changing world.

Roosevelt High School

To educate and prepare each student to succeed in a changing world.
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New Technology High School

To empower students for success in
a global society by cultivating leaders
who exemplify 21st century skills along with Trust, Respect, Responsibility, and Excellence.

Course Listings for NTHS


Career andTechnical Education Academy

To educate and prepare students for future
success through specialized rigorous,career-oriented learning.

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